Crofton Children's Play Area Website

Crofton Children's Play area Association closed its activities in September 2008

Crofton village is situated approximately 4 miles south-east of Wakefield. Crofton is traditionally a mining village, but since the decline of the coal industry, has seen quite a large degree of development. In recent years, this has been more prevalent and now has a community of around 6,500 people. Much of the building has been for family homes, as Crofton is a much sought after area for families to live.

We can boast most modern amenities - we have a local secondary school for all neighbouring villages, two mini-markets and a number of shops and public houses. We have a football, rugby and cricket team, but we lack one of the most basic and necessary features - we have no usable play area for our children. The play area we do have has been here for nearly 20 years and is dirty, rundown and dangerous. We have 2,000 under 18's and this is why in March 2002, the Crofton Children's Play Area Association was formed. We are a group of concerend members of the community, whose main aim is to provide somewhere our children can play safely, while being stimulated and excited.

As we want to be the voice of Crofton, we distributed over 1200 questionnaires in May to find out exactly what was the general consensus of opinion on the current site. Of the replies we recieved, over 90% of the community know where the play area is, but only 5% use it often. We want to provide a facility Crofton can be proud of and that will be used regularly by the whole of Crofton and the surrounding villages.