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How do I submit news items or diary events for inclusion on the site?

All we need from you is the information for publication. Let us know the details of your event or our item of news and if it is appropriate we will put it on the site. You can find our contact details here.

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I run a club/association/group in Crofton. What do I need to do?

First of all, you need to tell us the following:

The name of your organization. 

The name, address, phone number and (if available) the email address of the main contact.

The name, address, phone number and (if available) the email address of a second contact.


Then please tell us which of the following you want us to do.

This information is needed to help us plan and manage the development of the site.

Once you have let us know that you are going to provide us with content, you can start work on creating it. Advise on what you should include can be found here

One feature of the site is the village diary. This contains a list of future events taking place within the village or of interest to the village. Let us know when your events are scheduled and we will include them.

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I run a business in Crofton. Can I be listed on the site?

One of the most difficult tasks that your customers have, is finding you, a local provider of services. The site will contain a list of businesses.

It will also contain a list of shops and pubs etc including opening times. 

Please don't forget that you will need to ensure that this information remains accurate.

If you wish to have this information available, please provide the following.

The name of your business.

The trading name (if different). 

The name, address, phone number and (if available) the email address of the main contact.

A brief description of the business.

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I'm not in any group but I want to help. What do I need to do?

It takes many different skills to maintain a site like the one planned. People are needed to provide content and put it into the required format, to provide the contact with the people supplying that information, to check that the web site works and last but not least, to provide ideas for the design and  overall content.

We aim to build up a pool of people with the skills to maintain this site. If you have a computer at home, a few minutes a week to spare and would like to help, please contact us. Click here for contact details.

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What does it cost to be involved?

It costs you nothing. All Saint's Church is providing the infrastructure. Volunteers are being used to produce an easy to use, informative and professional looking site.

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I already run a web site for my organization. I don't want to hand it over to you.

No problem. We would much rather you looked after it than us. If you tell us about it we will include a link to your site. Our aim is to make known to everyone in the village. If they find us, they can find you.

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What sort of information should I publish?

You can publish anything of relevance to your organization. Click here to get advice on content.

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What if I want to change the information I give you for publication?

We hope that you do want to change it. The site will be changing regularly so that it stays useful. Just send us what you want to change and we will do it as soon as possible.

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I think that the site has something missing. Do you want to know?

It is a site for the village. We would like everyone to find the site useful,  so if you think you could help to make it better, yes, please let us know.

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