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Life is meant to be lived with God. The Bible shows us how everything was created by God, including humans, to reflect the goodness of God. Humans have a special task in creation to bear the ‘image of God’. This is a very high and privileged calling and our lives will be judged ultimately successful by the extent to which we do this. Unfortunately, this task is not automatic for us and it turns out that we have the capacity to bear the image of lesser gods.


In the days of cameras with film (remember them?) it was possible to double expose film and burn two or more images onto one frame. It usually meant the picture was ruined. If our lives are double exposed with goodness and sin, we too are ruined.


The solution offered by God for a sin ruined life is a totally new beginning. He does not try to touch up the bad bits or air brush out the mistakes. Instead He makes us a new person in the image of his perfect son, Jesus.


This new beginning is what Jesus calls being ‘born again’. We are born to natural life through our parents. We are born to spiritual life by receiving Jesus’ offer to be remade in his image. He simply invites us to believe in him - that he is who he said he was - and to yield our hearts to a new way of thinking and living.


You might like to pray something like this:


Lord Jesus, I thank you for giving me the chance of a new beginning. I turn my whole life over to you, and I ask you to forgive all my sins. Please come and dwell in my heart and show me how to please you in the way I live. Amen.


If you would like help in beginning to live with God, then please get in touch - we are here to make spiritual living a family affair.