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God desires to bless our lives at every turn. As we grow, our needs and outlooks change and develop. From our early years we need to know the love and protection of a family. God is called ‘our heavenly Father’ by Jesus and this knowledge of God can form a wonderful foundation for children. Baptism is the way in which Jesus taught his disciples to enter the life of our heavenly father.


As we move into our teens, our identity in the world becomes very important. What our parents have decided for us, we need to decide for ourselves. The same of course goes for our understanding of God. Each individual is called to know the father for themselves through a relationship with his son Jesus. The rite of Confirmation marks this adult journey to an owned faith and represents a new belonging to the church family.


Life gets more serious as we consider which careers and paths to take. More pressures often come and we need to prioritise the things that are truly important to us. Relationships with other Christians are essential to keep the life with God alive and thriving. As adult believers, we need to prioritise time within the life of the church so that we continue to grow in faith just as we develop in other ways.


Romance is the most wonderful gift from God and meeting our potential partner for life is a an awesome discovery. God wants to bless this part of our lives in a way of life so ancient and hallowed, we almost take it for granted. Marriage is very special vow, which we believe is best made in God’s bidden presence. We also believe it is the most important (and sometimes difficult!) relationship to get right and we need God’s help and wisdom to live it as fully as he intends it.


As life flows forward, we become ever more aware of human frailty. Illness and death are experienced in those around us, as well as ourselves. God is supremely conscious of our suffering and offers us great peace and strength in times of trouble. To die as a believer of Jesus is to pass into the hands of our Heavenly Father.